“Eat, Pray, Learn” – Join Us For our Next Lifelong Learning Series Class on January 5th…


Prayer LL Learning



“Talmud Torah K’neged Kulam” – the study of Torah is equivalent to all the other mitzvot

Torah study in our tradition refers not only to Torah (the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Five Books of Moses); it refers also to all the rabbinic and midrashic texts, commentaries, and other teachings that have been written from the time of the Torah until today.

Ever wonder about the prayers in our Shabbat service? Join Rabbi Sherman on Friday nights to study our Shabbat liturgy. We’ll explore the prayers in the Shabbat service: their history, meaning, choreography and more. Bring your own vegetarian/dairy dinner to eat after class, and then join us for Shabbat services.

“Eat, Pray, Learn” classes will be on the following Friday evenings beginning at 5:15 pm in Pilgrim Hall.

November 3: Introduction to Prayer – Why Do We Pray?

December 8: Introduction to our Siddur – How Do We Pray?

January 5: History and Clothing of Prayer – What Do We Wear?

February 2: Kabbalat Shabbat – Shalom Aleichem, candles, wine, challah, priestly blessing

March 2: Psalms, Barchu, Ma’ariv Aravim

April 6: Shema, V’ahavta, Mi Chamocha

May 4: Tefila

June 1: Aleinu, Kaddish

Bring your dinner, study with friends, and stay for Shabbat evening services.  Come for one class or attend all!  Lifelong Learning classes are held on Friday evenings at 5:15.  Check the calendar for dates.  There is no charge for members of Temple Etz Rimon.  Non-members are asked to contribute $18 per class.



The Weekly Torah Portion – what does it mean?

“It is a tree of life to all who grasp it, and whoever holds on to it is happy; its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all it paths are peace.” (Proverbs 3:17-18)

Parsha for Torah Study

Ever have questions about the weekly parasha (Torah portion)? Join longtime temple member Marilyn Clement on Saturdays after our Shabbat morning service. Read theparasha closely, and explore various commentaries. Come for services at 10:00 AM, bring your own vegetarian/dairy lunch, and stay for Torah study. Maybe even add your own interpretation!

Torah study classes will be on the following Saturday mornings following Shabbat morning services: Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 2, Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 17, Apr 21, May 19, June 16