Annual Interfaith Homeless Shelter Tikkun Olam Project

interfaith-shelter-network-1Temple Etz Rimon and Pilgrim Church are working together again to host the Annual Interfaith Rotational Shelter program at our location from February 11th through the 28th this year. Temple Etz Rimon is one of over 70 congregations in San Diego county that participate in providing those less fortunate with shelter where there are no shelters. As hosts, we ensure our guests receive the understanding and support of our congregation to help quell fear and uncertainty of where they may sleep or get their next meal.

Our Tikkun Olam project allows us to reach out and help those in need who live in our own community and make a difference in people’s lives. Our service, no matter how large or small, is important. Each year our members volunteer their time to help setup and take down the shelter, provide meals, host an on-site evening, give comfort to our guests and more.

There are many opportunities to help give back to the community. Besides a donation of your time, we are gratefully accepting monetary donations. You can send your donation to the temple and annotate “2018 Interfaith Shelter Project.”

We invite our members to Contact Us to support our project and be part of “Repairing the World!”